How to set up the relay / immobiliser - How to enable / disable the immobiliser?

We do not cover the actual operation of the cut function at this stage in a video. The manual does cover the wiring set up quite well and the new batch of GTKPRO2 does most of this wiring for you now because the relay is prewired into the harness. Always best for qualified/authorised technicians to connect the relay up.
If it is wired up, to activate this function:
On the app - push the button
On the web - send a Command

The dash is all metal and so is the back of the car behind the back seat, where do I install my tracker ?

None of our models are suitable for this situation.

What does the Ignition Wire do?

We use the ignition wire to tell the tracker/server when the car is on. This let's us more accurately report on the vehicle state, and provide better reports. This lets us provide more advanced alarms, like Tow-Away etc, when the car moves without being turned on.

It only receives information on this wire.

It is not intended to cut the ignition with this wire. Do not wire it that way.

What to do when installing tracker into my caravan / excavator / boat / trailer / etc

Each situation is different and in some cases our device is not suitable. Example alloy vs fibreglass caravan. Fibreglass is OK, alloy is not OK.

Where is the best location to install tracker?

Page 13 of the GTKPRO2 Manual describes orientation of the tracker. We do not however specify an exact location for 2 reasons. 1) each car/vehicle is different 2) you don’t want to fix this location because you are then telling thieves where to find it.