Tracker Setup Guide

Introduction to

A tracking service designed and custom built to monitor GTrack devices.

For help with your product, please read these documents, if you still have trouble, feel free to Contact Us for additional help.

Guide for New Users

How to create an account, login, use the site. All users should read this.

Server Account Setup   Terms & Conditions

If you have any further questions please submit a support request here. we will endeavour to reply to all support requests within 24hrs. You can also contact us by phone during office hrs on (03) 85878888

Adding your device

How to activate your new Tracker

Setup a GTKPRO2 or Setup a GTRAK4QB



How to migrate your GTRACK3G or GTRACK4G to the new server

Migration Guide

Notes on our service

  • This server is for the exclusive use of Gator branded tracking devices.
  • Gator customers are eligible to register a free account and track up to 3 devices simultaneously using this account. This account is offered for personal/ non commercial tracking use only.
  • All users of the service must agree to our terms of service. Users found breaching the terms of service may have their accounts deleted by the server administrator.

SIM CARDS: (Not supplied)

You must have a SIM card installed in your device (For reasons of easy access do this before you have it installed)

In order to use your device, it has to be connected to a cellular network using a SIM card, however unlike a smartphone Gator tracking devices use very small amounts of data. On average, most devices will use between 5 to 8MB per month (depending on how often and how much time the object is moving each day) that's less than 100MB over a 12 month period. Keep this in mind when selecting the best plan for you. For prepaid SIM plan buyers, pay careful attention to the expiry dates of the prepaid credit. Shop around for the best suited deal. There are many Sim card plans to choose from and some of the best deals for tracker usage are from non telecom type stores and are not always easy to find as most plans are focused on Phone usage. This is an example of some different prepaid plans from the one supplier that on the surface can look similar but in fact are very different.

Network coverage

The GTRAK4QB tracker can operate on *all* Australian networks.

The gtrack4g tracker can operate on all networks but is better suited to the Telstra network, due to the radio frequencies used.


Your device comes complete with an installation manual. This guide does not provide information on how to install and operate the device itself and is related to the online tracking server.

SMS Command Mode

Whilst the tracking server has many advanced tracking and reporting features, Gator tracking devices can be used without this server to gain basic tracking information on the device such as location, status, speed, direction and even some limited geofencing alerts. This is done by using SMS messaging commands between your cell phone and the device. We recommend you make yourself familiar with how to use its basic SMS commands with your device directly in the event of a server or internet outage. Refer to your manual. This is also how system configuration is performed on the device. Please note, GTKPRO2 does not have SMS Command Mode.