How to Subscribe:

Need help subscribing to the Gator GPS Tracking Service? This video provides an easy step by step guide.




Tracker Models - Subscription Options:

    • Subscription is optional for these models for non-commercial use. Up to 3 unsubscribed devices can be added to an account. Unsubscribed devices will not receive the same benefits as subscribed devices, available features can be viewed on each product page on this website.
  • GTKPRO2 & GTKPRO2A (4G Models)
    • These models require a valid (paid) subscription to the Gator Tracking Service. Ongoing fees and charges apply. 3rd Party SIM Cards are not supported on this device.


Subscription Benefits:

For every subscribed device, we enable add the following to your account:

  • Unlimited in-app notifications. [get the app now] - this is available to unsubscribed users as well, we're just proud of it.
  • An additional 240 emails per day (unsubscribed devices receive 24 free email notifications per day). If you have 4 subscriptions, you get the free 24 and (4*240) = 984 emails per day, that is heaps. (You can write custom templates for each message and configure triggers that use them however you like to whichever email address you like, if your messages bounce too many times, we will turn these triggers off for you)
  • An additional 12 SMS per day - sent from our server (unsubscribed accounts can send 1 sms per day). If you have 4 subscriptions, you get the included 1, and 48 for the subs, totalling 49 SMS's each day. Max monthly allocation 150 SMS's per subscription. We encourage you to select digital notifications (app/email) instead of SMS, as they are far less restricted, and you are then unlikely to miss a crucial alert. (Custom templates are available, however the longer your message, the more SMS's it will use to send).
  • The object limit increased by 1 for each subscription. Non-commercial users can still have 3 unsubscribed devices. EG, at 4 subscriptions, you can have 7 objects on your account. Commercial users would be required to have 7 subscriptions for those 7 objects.
  • Places: Zones, Routes and Markers allocation, we add 500 each per subscription, which can be used on the whole account. Unsubscribed users have a small limit: 6. If you have 7 subscriptions, you can add (7x500+6) a whopping 3506 Zones, 3506 Routes and 3560 Markers on your account. Import your entire database of locations as markers, store as many routes as you need. If required, we are happy to increase this limit. (There are limits on the vertices of each zone and route, however it is based on the length of the total list. Routes can store many more points than zones)
  • API allocations: Unsubscribed users have limited access to some paid network services, for instance Google mapping features: geocoding, street-view etc. We increase the allocation for subscribers by 100 API calls per subscription. This should be more than you need, however if you generate a large report that geocodes hundreds of addresses a day, you might need to add more. Please contact us to find a custom solution.


After the first subscription is added, we enable the following features for all objects on your account:

  • Reports: get detailed logs and export data, they can be automated daily/weekly.
  • History limit extended to 14 months (unsubscribed limit is 20 days). This only applies to subscribed devices, but isn't increased the more you have. Please contact us if you wish to have a custom limit (for example, unlimited/multiple-years).
  • Sub-Accounts: You can now create accounts for your staff/family to use some/all of your devices.
  • Service: You can store service data, and use service alerts to be notified when to take it into the mechanic or the oil needs to be changed etc.
  • More features are in the works, and are being rolled out as they are tested and integrated, we'll let you know.


Subscription Cost:

Subscription is only $15 per month, per tracker, paid annually (total per year $180). It includes the SIM Card (operating on the Telstra M2M Network), all data usage and web portal server usage. If your device came supplied with tracking credit, the remaining credit will be deducted from the subscription cost at the time you subscribe. Subject to our terms of service, (the deduction is in the form of a pro-rata coupon when you create the subscription. If you have 1 month included and subscribe on the first day, you will get the full month credited).


Subscribing your Device:

There is only one way to add a subscription: online.

Easiest method: Sign into your account on and press the "Add Subscription" button.

That form supports new objects, already added ones and already subscribed ones, showing you the subscription status and allowing you to rapidly find subscription information for all of your devices.


Alternatively, open "Settings" then click the pencil next to the object you want to subscribe, and finally click "Add one today!" next to "No Subscription on record":

add a subscription from object settings page

That link will auto-fill the IMEI into the subscription process, the same as clicking "Add Subscription" and tapping the object you wanted to add a subscription for.

That link is also available from the object list, by clicking on the subscription indication icon. You will notice a column called "Sub", this indicates the subscription status of the device, a "Red X" means no current subscription, you can click this X to add a subscription. A "Green Tick" in the sub column indicates a valid current subscription was found for this device. You can tick the green tick to manage the subscription. (It's a bit harder to explain, but once you get the hang of it, or have many subscriptions, it will save a click).


Manage a Subscription:

In the left menu, Click "Add Subscription" to view all subscription status data. Active subscriptions are listed underneath.

Alternatively: Open the Settings panel and select the pencil next to your object, then select the "Manage Subscription" link.

You can review your payments, download receipts, reset/change your payment method and set your renewal preferences from that page. 

Note: Turning off auto-renewal will instruct our systems to cancel the subscription on the date it would have renewed. Cancellation is irrevocable once that date has passed, please contact support if you want to recreate your subscription from scratch after that date.

Note 2: If your card is due to expire before the renewal date, you should receive an email notice, please use "Manage Subscription" to update this card detail and we will use the new one for the renewal.