SIM Cards

Can I put the SIM CARD I received with my Gator Tracker in any other device like another Tracker or Smartphone?

If your Gator Tracking Device came supplied with a SIM CARD, DO NOT insert this SIM CARD into any other device other than your Gator Tracking Device. The SIM CARD is registered to the specific Gator Tracking Device it has come supplied with. If the SIM CARD is inserted into another device (including other Gator Tracking Devices), it will be permanently disabled. If you are experiencing issues with your SIM CARD, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Does my GPS Tracker require a Sim Card?


All Gator GPS Tracking Systems require a sim card so they can communicate with the tracking server. The sim card requires its own unique identification number. We recommend using a M2M sim card or mobile sim card. The sim card must have credit available at all times to allow the tracking server to communicate with it.

I have replaced the sim card that was in my tracker with a different sim card and now I am not able to track my tracker.

Standard sim cards will not work with trackers that come with a Telstra M2M sim.

I was late subscribing and now the SIM doesn't work

This has happened a few times, the service is generally not disconnected immediately, but will be cut off eventually.

If you find your SIM not working but you have subscribed, it might have been disconnected before you subscribed!.. In which case, it pays to make a support ticket, so our staff can reactivate the SIM.

We are charged for reactivating these SIM's, so will pass this cost onto you.