Do I need to Subscribe to your tacking service?

Subscription is required on some Gator Tracking Devices, please visit for more details. 

How do I Subscribe?

First you must set up an account on our tracking portal. During set up you can choose to subscribe, however if you do not want to subscribe to the service right away you can choose to subscribe at anytime through the tracking portal.

How to cancel a subscription

Thanks for being a subscriber!

If you've sold the car or wish to cancel this trackers subscription for some reason, we fully support that.

Cancel any Subscription.

  1. login to and
  2. Click on "Add Subscription" button on the left, then select the appropriate "Manage Subscription" link for the subscription you longer wish to renew.
  3. Select the option "Do not Auto Renew"
  4. Select "Save"

Auto Renew Image

Undo a cancellation ?

Changing that back to Auto Renew will resume the subscription and resume charging you annually, as per the agreement. However: If you wait until AFTER a cancelled subscription has ended you will no longer be able to resume. To rectify this, you must contact us to remove the subscription entirely, then setup a new one.

Important note: If you sold your vehicle with the tracker in it, you should immediately cancel your subscription and delete the object from your account. It is very likely that you have a legal obligation to do this before they take possession.

I paid for subscription but still not able to track my tracker.

Please call for technical assistance Tel (03) 85878898

Update Payment Method

If you've been a subscriber for a while (Thanks!), then it's likely you'll need to update your stored credit card at some point.

Our payments processor (Stripe) will send you a reminder email about a month before hand. Or, we will contact you directly if there is a problem with the stored card.

How to change the card used for ALL your subscriptions:

  1. Login to (Must be done in the desktop)
  2. Click on "Add Subscription" button on the left, then select ANY of your "Manage Subscription" links.
  3. Click the "Change Payment Method" button, and enter the new card details.
  4. From then on, Gator/Stripe will use that card for ALL of your subscriptions, so you only need to do it once.

The button looks like this on a manage subscription page:

Change Method

What are the benefits of Subscribing?

If you choose to Opt In to the Subscription Service, you will be able to access the following extended features and benefits:


  • Increase the number of vehicles / assets you can track on the portal from 3 trackers to UNLIMITED trackers
  • Increase the tracking history from 2 weeks to 14 months
  • Access to more daily Alerts
  • More Geo-fences, Routes and Places can be stored
  • Enhanced Reporting Features
  • Full SIM and Device Support when using a Gator Tracking Sim Card
  • Access to Sub Accounts