You are receiving this deal because you have 3G Gator tracker active on our server. This deal is limited to one complimentary hardware upgrade per active 3G tracker on our server.

Gator Tracking (TDJ Australia PTY LTD) will be providing a replacement 4G tracker hardware Model number GTKPRO2 with a 50% RRP discount on the hardware. This brings the cost down to $149.99 including GST. There will also be a $15.00 (Inc GST) freight charge applicable on each order, shipping Australia wide.

Gator Tracking (TDJ Australia PTY LTD) will also be offering you to receive, at no charge, a conversion harness to adapt old trackers to the new 4G tracker GTKPRO2 at no cost to you.

The replacement hardware will need to be subscribed in order to operate. The subscription cost on the GTKPRO2 is $180 per year, paid annually, which also includes the network access using the supplied Telstra M2M SIM card.




The objective of these terms of service is to ensure that the user understands their responsibilities and the boundaries of what acceptable, fair usage of this service is and to set out the limits of responsibility of the service provider (TDJ Australia).

This agreement is made between the user (account holder) and TDJ Australia P/L (hereafter TDJ, the company operating the GPS Tracking service under the trademark brand Gator).

By creating an account, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

TDJ may update its terms of service to reflect any current situation where the existing terms of service fall short of their objective.

If and when these terms of service are revised, you may be notified via the email address you used during registration. Alternatively, the latest terms of service will always be available here.

Any person or organisation found breaking the terms of service may be subject to their account being suspended or cancelled indefinitely. Please note. for security reasons, devices can only be registered one time and therefore only to one log in account. However, commercial users (using subscribed devices) have the ability to create sub accounts and delegate objects/tracking devices to subordinate user accounts.




You must not use this tracking service in the pursuit or participation of any illegal activity under any applicable Australian Law. local, state and territorial laws may differ and so it is the responsibility of the account holder and any sub account holders to ensure that your use of this server does not violate local or state law in addition to federal laws within Australia. It is the responsibility of the account holder to obtain consent were necessary for tracking activity of third-party persons or objects being tracked.

We do not provide legal advice in terms of how you use our devices or this service. It is the responsibility of every user to understand what a lawful usage of this service and your tracking devices is.

This account, the tracking service and data that it provides are to be used only by the account holder making this agreement. Sub account holders will be asked to commit to this same agreement.




  • You may not send automated requests to our server or attempt to circumvent the server’s authentication measures.
  • You may not engage in activities that we deem damaging to our service.
  • You may not copy any IP contained within this server.




  • We do not store your tracking data beyond the length of time required to create reports.
  • Subscriber service tracking data is kept for 14 months after which it is permanently deleted. (you can delete this data if you so desire)
  • We do not back up your data. If you need this kind of security, you should create and save reports to your local system.
  • Your personal account details and any tracking information that we DO have will NOT be passed on to ANY third party unless obligated to do so by an Australian legal authority operating within the scope of their authority.




You agree that TDJ Australia shall not be liable to the account holder/ subscriber or any third party for the following:

  • Any direct, indirect or consequential losses or damage resulting from the use of this service.
  • Any direct, indirect or consequential losses or damage resulting from the unavailability of this service.
  • Any direct, indirect or consequential losses or damage resulting from your account being suspended or deleted due to non-compliance of this agreement.
  • Any unused subscription fees if your account is suspended or deleted due to non-compliance of the terms of service.




Subscription fees are due annually and are paid in advance of the service period provided. Unused fees resulting from a user’s choice to cancel or not use the tracking service at any time during the subscription period are non-refundable.

In using this service, you are indicating that you have read, accepted and will comply with this agreement & terms of service and any additional changes to the terms of service going forward if and when they are implemented. If you do not agree to the current terms set out here, do not create your account and exit or delete your account if you already have an account.