App - Events

Event List

The event-list in the app shows you the most recent events that have occurred across your account. Pick how many you want to see, this fetches them from the server. Tap Refresh to get the latest updates sooner (auto-refreshes, but not that quickly).

To view details about an event, tap it.

This will show you the full details of the event at that time, as though you were watching it live and took a screenshot, only, you can't zoom the map on a screenshot! We've also handily provided a button to go from the Event detail page to the Live object itself.

Adding an Event

Basically, have a Trigger with rules, and a Vehicle that matches those rules, creates Events. The Name you give your Trigger determines the name of the Event.

Difference between History and Events

History shows EVERY datapoint, Events only show those that match your Trigger rules.