SMS Gateway

SMS gateway options

There are currently two options for the SMS Gateway on our server, you can use the provided one "Gator SMS Service", which has limits based on the number of subscriptions you have. You should be able to see the limit on the config page (Settings -> SMS).

Gator SMS Gateway

There are no settings for this service, it is managed and configured by Gator on your behalf.
Your account does only have limited access to the Gator provided SMS gateway. Your current limit per day is based on subscription volume. We highly recommend using email alerts for more common things, as they far less limited.

HTTP/API Private Gateway

The other option is your own HTTP SMS Gateway, there are no limits when you provide your own server. Note: The endpoint does not necessarily have to provide HTTP->SMS functionality, therefore you can use it for ANYTHING you like really. Kinda fun!

There are a few template/example options to include, only you can see this configuration, however it is stored in plaintext (required as the web call itself is plaintext), it will make a basic GET request using that provided URL, which it clearly says. This means the data is not encrypted/hidden in any way. I would argue that it is still a bit more secure than an SMS, so if you have your own server to receive messages, this is the fastest/best way to do it.