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If you use the tracking system as an unsubscribed device, the only ongoing cost will be the sim card cost from the service provider. The use of the tracking server for unsubscribed devices will not have any ongoing costs, however some features will be limited.

If you use the tracking system with a subscribed device, there is an ongoing cost for the subscribed device and the sim card.


All Gator GPS Tracking Systems require a sim card so they can communicate with the tracking server. The sim card requires its own unique identification number. We recommend using a M2M sim card or mobile sim card. The sim card must have credit available at all times to allow the tracking server to communicate with it.

There is an app Available for iOS and Android Devices: here. You can also access the tracking portal on computers, tablets and smartphones, any device with internet access and a web browser. Our tracking portal is web based and has an easy to use smartphone and tablet interface.


Subscription is required on some Gator Tracking Devices, please visit for more details. 

First you must set up an account on our tracking portal. During set up you can choose to subscribe, however if you do not want to subscribe to the service right away you can choose to subscribe at anytime through the tracking portal.

If you choose to Opt In to the Subscription Service, you will be able to access the following extended features and benefits:


  • Increase the number of vehicles / assets you can track on the portal from 3 trackers to UNLIMITED trackers
  • Increase the tracking history from 2 weeks to 14 months
  • Access to more daily Alerts
  • More Geo-fences, Routes and Places can be stored
  • Enhanced Reporting Features
  • Full SIM and Device Support when using a Gator Tracking Sim Card
  • Access to Sub Accounts