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Triggers can only be disabled in the web-interface, so to re-enable them, you have to login there too!

Login to, Open your account Settings -> Event Triggers -> Edit the Event Trigger -> Select "Active" Checkbox and Save.

Now when the app refreshes, the slash through it will disappear.

If you use the tracking system as an unsubscribed device, the only ongoing cost will be the sim card cost from the service provider. The use of the tracking server for unsubscribed devices will not have any ongoing costs, however some features will be limited.

If you use the tracking system with a subscribed device, there is an ongoing cost for the subscribed device and the sim card.

Configure an Event Trigger, which will generate Events, and you can choose to be Notified about those events via SMS or Email. (If you have the App, you can get infinite free in-app notifications). We highly recommend using the App rather than SMS for notifications.

Check the icon in the tracking portal, Green means it's currently working.

Check out this video for an explanation on how to use the APP: View Here

The manual refers to an old tracking server. Click Here to see up-to-date instructions.

There is an app Available for iOS and Android Devices: view here. You can also access the tracking portal on computers, tablets and smartphones, any device with internet access and a web browser. Our tracking portal is web based and has an easy to use smartphone and tablet interface.

Most likely your SIM has been disabled. You would have received a warning email about the service being disconnected, if you chose not to subscribe at the time, the SIM would have disabled. Note: If you are using a GTKPRO2 unit, you cannot use another SIM, so you must subscribe to continue using it.

Make sure you sim card is active and check if the Installation is wired correctly.

The IMEI number can be found printed on the actual tracking unit. It is a unique identifier for the hardware.