Step 3: Add a Device to your account

Find your IMEI

There is an IMEI (electronic serial number) number printed on the device and it is also printed on the Gift box that the device came in. You will need this number to register the device/object onto your account. (you are allowed a maximum 3 unsubscribed devices per account) We suggest you write down your device IMEI numbers in the manual and store that manual in a safe place ( not in your vehicle). This number is important to keep confidential as it is what the server uses to connect the device to your account.

Add the Tracker to your account

You can now add your Gator tracking device to your account by pushing the "Add Object" button in the main view.

Alternatively you can press the Settings button just above, Select "Objects" and press the Blue Plus button in the bottom left of that pop up window.

Then you can configure the new device, the name is for you, and will show up on the left, the IMEI uniquely identifies your tracker, don't share this with anyone.

This will bring up a box that lets you enter details about the device, confirm that you've configured it, and save it. You will also have the option of adding a subscription for your tracker, giving you additional features and more trackers to your account. The option to add 3 without subscriptions is available by pressing the link "Add Free" instead of "Add Subscription" in the Add Object box.

  • Enter a name for your device, eg: "Millennium Falcon" or "Pickle Rick"
  • Enter your IMEI for it, eg: 123456789 Only Gator IMEI numbers will be accepted by our system.
  • Press "Subscribe Now" to begin the subscription process for this object, or choose "Add Free" to add the object without a subscription.
  • You can always add a subscription later, so feel free to add your device first, get a feel for tracking before committing to annual fees. (If you have a Pro tracker with a Gator SIM, ensure you have installed the SIM first, before starting your subscription, as the included subscription period is provided as a coupon, this means you will not lose value by subscribing at any time).

If you miss one of the above steps, it will prompt you to complete them, an IMEI is required to match with the physical device, and a warning in red will appear if missing, or not a Gator device.

If the device is powered on it will be attempting to log data already, so in this case it should work straight away. Otherwise, wait for the device to power on and it will start sending data to the server.

Devices appear in the left hand top section of the screen, like this:

What the icons mean