App Triggers

An App Trigger - Is a Trigger.

The toggles down the right -> They let you subscribe to notifications in-app, regardless of the notification configuration in the web-app. This creates a notification sent to this exact app (you can login to multiple phones/tablets) and tune the ones you care about with the toggles.

So, if you don't want any notifications, you can completely disable SMS/Email/Etc in the web-app, and disable the subscription to app-notifications in-app, but they will still appear in the Events list as they happen. This is great for things that you find interesting, but not "wake me up" interesting.

You can unsubscribe from ALL of them by pressing the little empty square box at the top, this also lets you DELETE them. Warning: Delete removes them from the server and there will be no more events. In future, we will let you activate and deactivate them too.

Create a new Trigger

Push the Plus button, and follow the in-app wizard to help you setup a few basic Triggers. Or, Try the webapp for more advanced triggers and different notification options.

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