App - History

Searching for Tracking History is a bit complicated. We can't show you every single datapoint all at once, your phone can't handle it, and it would get messy. So, we typically break up the whole into "drives", as we typically deal in "Vehicle Trackers", it is assumed movements of the tracker consist of "Driving somewhere".

This is achieved by noticing when the device is stopped, and when it is moving, and breaking the "moving" bits up by the stopped bits. Simples. However, how long stopped is long enough? We could pick for you, but you might be in a city with really terrible traffic, or have many frequent stops (to drop off stuff, eg), so you might not want to consider those "stops". To this end, we provide a "Stops" filter. Select the amount of time you consider a "Stop" to occur, and the server will chop up every datapoint between the dates you picked.

To make the date calculations easier, we've provided a few handy "shortcut" dates, eg: Today, Yesterday, Last week.. however you can pick your own exact dates by selecting "Other" then picking the exact date and time you want for from and to. (We show everything between these times).

So, to find a devices history, navigate to "History", and pick the device, then choose the times, then the stops, and push next (the > button).

The results page is a list of drives, "Drive List", showing the start and end time of each drive, and how long it was (in KM). Simply tap the drive you are interested in to see more details. Or, tap the Globe icon to see ALL of the drives at once on the map. (if your phone can't handle that).

The Drive Detail page has statistics about the drive, and a plot of the path taken, and the floating action button in the bottom right lets you enable Event and Stop markers to the plot (if available).