Gator Tracking App!

Written and built for you, by our Australian Development team. Designed specifically for Gator Tracking.

Includes unlimited notifications from triggered alerts. Build as many triggers as you like and receive as many notifications as you want. Sign in on as many devices as you want and subscribe to notifications in whatever combination you prefer. (If you disable a trigger on the server, it is disabled on all devices, adding a new trigger makes it available on all devices immediately, but might require manually toggling the trigger to activate in-app notifications for new triggers).

  • Track your vehicle’s location, speed and engine status
  • Locate, share and navigate to your vehicle/asset using GPS in real time
  • Immobilise your vehicle via your smartphone, and turn it back on
  • Create geofences to receive an alert if your vehicle/asset enters or exits the area
  • Set event triggers and receive alerts for over-speed and ignition status change
  • View and add as many gator tracking devices as you like, perfect for fleet management



For custom or more complicated event triggers, or to add a subscription, we require you to use the tracking portal.