Configure GPRS/Control Templates

Commands to your Tracker

The server can send commands to the tracker via GPRS (for free) or via SMS (limited basis depending on subscription level)


  • Click the gear icon next to your object
  • Select "Send Command"
  • Select the command template you want to send from the dropdown on the right
  • Press Send button
  • The status of the command will show in the list

Rebuilding the templates

If you delete all the templates, or have changed them and they no longer work, simply delete them all, and add them back with the Import Gator GPRS Defaults template function (on the Send Commands -> Templates tab), this will check every object you have, check it's type, load all the templates for those types and insert the ones you don't have from our default curated list.

You will then see a popup telling you that: "Default Gator command templates have been loaded for each matching device."

What are these commands?

Each tracker has a different set, so we tried to make the names more common, but also linked to the model, for instance: "GTRAK4QB - IMMOBILISE" should tell you that it is the template to send the immobilise (relay on) command to a GTRAK4QB unit.

To find out what your exact model can do, which commands you can send it, please check the manual that came with it (or find it on here and download the manual). There will be a page full of SMS commands, you can simply send it to your device as a GPRS command instead, which saves a bunch of time, because you can automate these with rules/triggers etc.

Common Commands:

  • ARM - Enables the alarm (shouldn't be necessary for normal use, but for extended periods of isolation can be good, check your manual).
  • DISARM - Opposite of ARM
  • GET_LOCATION - A basic "where is my unit" command, will have the raw data sent back to you, so you can compare it. Useful for testing the server (we use it for that), also for testing the tracker. This is the only way to get the location of the unit if you don't use the server, simply send it this command via SMS.
  • GET_STATUS - Most of our units respond with a status type answer, the utility/information you get will vary depending on the unit.
  • SET_RELAY_ON or IMMOBILISE - Tells the tracker to activate/enable it's relay connection, this is the basis for the "IMMOBILISE" function.
  • SET_RELAY_OFF or MOBILISE - Tells the tracker to deactivate it's relay cable.
  • RESTART - Tells the tracker to turn itself off and back on again.

There are a few others, but they have very device-specific or migration specific purposes, that we should probably not include them by default!

  • SET_IP - is only really useful for SMS sending, as the command will tell the tracker to use our server, it migrates an old tracker to our server.
  • SET_DISPLACEMENT and DELETE_CENTER commands are for motion detection alarms