Objects are tracked, objects are inside your valuables!

The initial list of both the main app, and the settings both show you your Object list. This is the latest information about your device is shown and configured respectively.

Object List

The primary view of the web application, shows all the objects on your account (grouped as you like), with the avatar you've chosen and the status icons that indicate different things about the state of each tracker/vehicle.

You can access a bunch of functionality from this view, for instance:

  • First Checkbox - Visibility, check it to show it on the map, uncheck it, to hide it.
  • Second Checkbox - Follow - You can tick this and the map will zoom in on this object and follow it as it moves!
  • Vehicle Icon - you can change this in the settings of the object, useful to distinguish similarly named objects.
  • The name - you entered this, and you can change it in the settings.
  • Date/time (under name) - this is the last time we heard from the tracker. It is in your current timezone, converted from UTC-0, which your objects should be reporting in.
  • Velocity - usually in KMPH, however you can set MPH if you want.
  • Engine Icon - if the sensor Ignition (acc) is available. Will indicate if the engine is on or not.
  • Connection Icon - Icons have many states
  • Gear icon - ,lets you command the tracker, view it's history or edit it.

Object Settings

When opening your Settings (which will take a second, it checks the server first), it will show you the list of your objects. The name you gave it, the hardware IMEI listed on the box, whether it is considered active or not, whether it is subscribed or not (you can get to your subscription by clicking that checkmark!), if you have a subscritiption, this shows where it expires, followed by some commands that will be performed on that object:

  • Pencil Icon - To edit the object
  • X2 icon - To duplicate an object, useful if you need a copy of all your settings but for a different name/imei object. Great for fleets!
  • Eraser icon - To erase entire object history and all event data
  • Trash icon - to delete an object from your account.