An event is a programmed response to some action, responding to things happening is a powerful feature of our system, from being notified, to controlling the object through GRPS/SMS commands, many options are supported and more on the way! You likely do not want to be notified about every action your object performs, so, this event trigger system allows you to define precisely the actions you care about, and trigger an "Event" to fire for that action.

How to configure an Event

Navigate to the "Events" tab on the main page, and select "Add Trigger", as events are triggered by things happening to objects, those particulars need to be set.

Event config window:

Give your event a Name, this will be used in alerts, emails and other templates.

Set the type of action that should trigger this event. Many are dependant on the type of device you have, it's available sensors/inputs, and may or may not work depending on that. Basic ones like "geofencing" should work fine by using the Zone In and Zone Out actions. You then need to pick the objects this trigger should fire for.

  • If your event is route specific (route must be defined before trigger created), you can select it here. (Eg: Harsh Braking action can be detected only when on a non-determined route, or in a specific zone etc).
  • If your event is zone specific, you can select it here, and specify it's requirement (again, only for certain action types).
  • The time period selectors are defined in the second tab, and only activate if you use the filters on that tab.

Time Tab: Allows you to filter events from firing too often, great if you don't want to receive an email every 4 seconds that your car is travelling 2km over the speed limit.. Or, if you drive to work and back every weekday on the same times, you can program those in, so only aberrant behaviour triggers the event.

Notifications Tab: By default, we recommend using System Message to test your event, as email and sms are limited resources (costing us money, and are therefore restricted). We do not limit system messages, however they are only visible while you are logged into the web interface, and if you accept the "show notifications" prompt, you don't need to be actually looking at the tab to see the alert. Emails are also great, and while non-free, are relatively plentiful for subscribers (24 per day per subscription, grouped for the whole account, not per object). Whereas SMS's are a bit lower, you can get 1 per day for free, and 12 per day per subscription grouped across all subscriptions.

Example popup notification in-app:

Object control tab: This is a great feature, all users have unlimited GPRS commands, so you can immobilize your object an unlimited number of times per day etc, these should be restricted similarly to emails, as the data transfers are non-free, however at this time, we haven't applied that restriction. SMS commands, which require the SIM number to be programmed are limited with the same SMS group used for notifications, so are generally unacceptable for this purpose. Note: Subscribed devices with an M2M SIM cannot be controlled via SMS, so ensure you use GPRS for those!.

The commands are the same ones available in "Object Control" -> Templates, which you can include automatically with the drop-down menu (under the gear icon on that page) by selecting "Load Gator Defaults", we check your object list IMEI's against our database of makes and load the templates for each model you have. Those commands can be used in object control event actions!

Geofence Trigger

A geofence is in reality a combination of a Zone, and an object traversing the boundary of that zone. Either IN (Zone In), or Out of the zone (Zone Out). You can setup a trigger for either. It's not immediately obvious, but when constructing a zone trigger, you need to have the zone created first! You can read more about how to do that on the zones page.

Trigger Warning!

Triggers that rely on zones, routes, objects or other things are not updated when those things change. For example: A zone/geofence alarm will not work if you delete the zone that it was built to use. You must manually change the trigger to use another zone, or delete the trigger.