Note: Subscriptions are optional for non-commercial users. We happily provide our server for all Gator customers, and freely allow 3 unsubscribed devices to be added to an account.


Why Subscribe?

For every subscribed object, we enable additional features on your account.

Subscriptions enable business use of the service, and additional features and benefits are being added

The new features that will be enabled on your account per subscription are:

  • An additional 240 email notifications per day (unsubscribed devices receive 6 free email notifications per day). If you have 4 subscriptions, you get the free 24 and (4*240) = 984 emails (that's a lot of email!) per day.
  • An additional 12 SMS notifications per day - sent from our server (unsubscribed devices receive 1 free sms notifications per day). If you have 4 subscriptions, you get the free 1, and 48 for the subs, totalling 49 SMS's each day.
  • The object limit increased by 1 for each subscription. You can still always have 3 unsubscribed devices. If you have 4 subscriptions, you can have 7 objects.

After the first subscription is added, we enable the following features:

  • History limit extended to 7 years for ALL your devices (free limit is 90 days).
  • Reports are now available, and can be automated.
  • Sub-Accounts: You can now create accounts for your staff/family to use some/all of your devices.
  • More features are in the works, and are being rolled out as they are tested and integrated, we'll let you know.


Add a subscription

If you added an object without a subscription, you can add one at a later date by opening your settings, selecting the Objects Tab. You will notice a column called "Sub", this indicates the subscription status of the object, Red X means no current subscription is valid, you can click this X to add a subscription.

A green Tick in the sub column indicates a valid current subscription was found for this object. You can tick the green tick to manage the subscription.

Adding a subscription when creating the object is the easiest way, and the only way if you already have 3 objects without subscriptions.


Manage a Subscription

Opening the Settings panel, and selecting the Objects tab allows you to see the subscription status of all your objects, editing an object will show more details, including the expiration/renewal date of the subscription. The tick in the sub column is a link to the manage screen, so is the link "Manage Subscription" when editing an object.

You can use the manage subscription page to download payment receipts, change payment methods and enable/disable automatic renewal of your subscription.


The Gator Tracking Service does not require subscription. If you choose to subscribe you can use the tracking server for free, however, there are some limitations to non-subscribed services.

First you must set up an account on our tracking portal. During set up you can choose to subscribe, however if you do not want to subscribe to the service right away you can choose to subscribe at anytime through the tracking portal.

If you choose to Opt In to the Subscription Service, you will be able to access the following extended features and benefits:


  • Increase the number of vehicles / assets you can track on the portal from 3 trackers to UNLIMITED trackers
  • Increase the tracking history from 3 months to 14 months
  • Access to more daily SMS & Email alerts
  • More Geo-fences, Routes and Places can be stored
  • Enhanced Reporting Features
  • Full SIM and Device Support when using a Gator Tracking Sim Card
  • Access to Sub Accounts