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Your new tracking device should already be configured and ready to connect to our server.


The Gtrack4QB Is designed to automatically configure it self to connect to the internet via the cellular providers APN Gateway. The APN settings are required for the unit to contact our tracking server.

If the units Green LED is on (solid) this indicates that the unit has connected to the cellular network and the Auto APN feature has successfully configured itself (so you do not need to do anything.) You can immediately add it to the server.

Add Your Device


In the event that the Green LED is flashing. You may have to set this manually but before you do that. You must confirm that the sim card has been activated and is functioning.

If your sim card is active and can send/receive SMS (not required for server operation) you should be able to send the tracker an SMS command and ask it where the device is located. From your phone, send the following text.



If the sim card is active the unit will respond within about 30 seconds with its location. Even if you send it an invalid request it will still reply with an error message. If it does not reply, the issue is generally with the sim card. If it replies ( with any message ) but you can not get the unit to work with our online server you should then check and program the APN manually. APN Setup Guide as it could require configuration. GTRACK4QB's that come with a SIM do not require any APN configuration and cannot send/receive SMS's.

Next Steps

Now that your device and SIM has been configured, you can add it to the server.

Add Your Device Setup Manual

How to restore the factory defaults

Set the server: ``

Set the port: `10202`

Ensure you leave the timezone set to UTC or `GMT`.

This should already have been set, however if you've changed it and need to reset those parameters, you can do that by sending it an SMS, the command is: