Step 2: Configure your GTrack3G or GTrack4G

Migrate Legacy Gator Tracker

To convert a GTrack3G or GTrack4G into a device, if you haven't already, create an account first then use the following to configure your device to talk to our server, and add the device to your account.

You can send the following commands as text messages to the SIM in the tracker, re-configuring where it sends it's data:

  • First SMS

    timezone 123456 0
  • Second SMS

    adminip123456 11100

1233456 is your devices password If you have changed the password, substitute that for 123456 above.

Warning GTrack3/4G devices are not compatible with using a domain name, so must use the IP. We will inform all registered users of the service that are using this IP when/if it needs to change via email.

SIM Card Information

If your tracker/SIM combo was working on the old server, your APN is already configured, so you DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE IT

You might need to configure the APN for your devices SIM card, this guide will show you how to set that, depending on your provider.

APN Setup

Next Steps

Now that your device has been configured, you can add it to the server.

Add Your Device