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Other Topics


Depends on the Model tracker you have, check your user manual .

Your device is not plugged into power. Or is switched off (depending on the model). Check your user manual.


Use the settings tool, select the trash icon next to the tracker you want to delete. Note: User deletion of trackers is not instant, so you cannot generally add them to one account, delete them, then add them to another account straight away. DO NOT ADD THEM TO YOUR ACCOUNT TO TEST THEM.

Use the "Register" button on the homepage, enter an email address and agree to the terms and conditions. We will email you a password to login with.

Full documentation is available in the setup guide. You can also view the instructional video.

Push the button "Add Object" on the web, or the Plus icon (+) on the app near the list of objects/vehicles.

Try again, make sure you typed your email address exactly right. If you wait too long, the temporary account will no longer be valid and you will have to try again.

Tracking Portal

There is a known bug with certain installations, where the accessories wire is not connected to the car, the tracker therefore cannot detect that the ignition is on. We use that to more precisely determine when the vehicle has stopped.

You can tell this has happened by checking the history, and reading the parameters in the bottom right messages box, if acc=0 is always set, then we are unable to use that parameter to determine your ignition state.

If you do not wish to use this wire, you must change the Accuracy setting from GPS+ACC to just GPS. It will use the location data and velocity to determine when stops happen, allowing you to use reports/history mostly correctly going forward.

It is highly recommended that you connect the ignition wire!

Using our app or website, it will show you where it is on the map. Go to that location and it will be hidden inside the vehicle you installed it in.

Alerts are sent in response to a Trigger (rule). So, adding one of those will send you an alert. More details can be found here

  • Please login to
  • Click on "Settings" button (on the top left hand corner menu bar).
  • Select "Event Triggers" tab and click on Plus sign (Button) then it will pop up the "Event Properties" window.
  • Please set following values under "Event Properties"
  • Name : Whatever you weant to call it Ex: Ignition On / Engine On / Gator Engine Status /GATOR GTKPRO2 Engine on.
  • Type : Select "Sensor" from the drop down menu.
  • Object : Select your preferred Object.
  • Depending on routs : leave as off if you do not want to select a route.
  • Routes: previous values was off. therefore, you would not be able to change this and it would be greyed out (nothing Selected).
  • Depending om Zones : leave as off if you do not want to select a Zones.
  • Zones: previous values was off. therefore, you would not be able to change this and it would be greyed out (nothing Selected).
  • Under Parameters and sensors : Select "ACC Status" and from next drop down menu select " > " (equal sign) and on text box type 0 (Zero) Then press the + sign button and SAVE button.

  • Please don't forget the "Notification" tab on "Event Properties" and set preferred email address and mobile number.